Helping Other People Excel
Helping Other People Excel
Inspiring Excellence In Education
Inspiring Excellence In Education

                       HOPE Education Group

"The essential thing is this...hope, as an ontological need, demands an anchoring in practice.  Without a minimum of hope, we cannot so much as start the struggle.  But without the struggle, hope dissipates, loses it bearing and turns into hopelessness. One of the tasks of to unveil opportunitiies for hope, no matter what the obstacles may be." Paulo Freire

Our mission is to help other people excel, by providing customized professional development that inspires excellence in education.


We are an educational consulting group devoted to supporting the development of optimal teaching and learning environments. The joy in our work comes from collaborating with k-8 teachers, university faculty, and administrators, as well as the families and students they serve.  Together we build professional development frameworks that support the creation of strong, positive communities of practice where equitable, effective instruction is grounded in researched best practice that is dynamic, engaging, welcoming, inclusive and responsive to the needs of all learners. 


With skill, determination and vision we embrace the multifaceted, complex and hopeful nature of this work.  We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.  



Dr. Krista Robinson-Lyles

Founder and President, HOPE Education Group 



Contact us for more information, or to schedule a consultation:  (630) 452-4790 


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Connect Your Practice

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Sit in on anarchived edweek sponsored webinar, conversation around one classroom's 6 month journey into common core implementation

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