Dr. Krista Robinson-Lyles

Consultant | Coach | Facilitator



Dr. Robinson-Lyles carries over 26 years of experience providing consulting, research, facilitation, teaching and coaching services to academic and corporate clients. She is committed to creating positive, healthy and sustainable learning and working environments. Dr. Robinson-Lyles' expertise is diverse in range, including developing strong curricular programs for elementary, secondary and university students and faculty; as well as establishing effective strategies for the manifestation of equity and wellness in academic and corporate environments. In the expanse of her career she has served as classroom teacher, building administrator and university instructor, in addition to coaching and consulting in the areas of literacy, diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as mindfulness. She has coached more than 100 professionals, delivered various presentations, facilitated numerous workshops and conducted and published action research.




The workshop Krista led was deeply transformative!

2018 Teaching For Equity Fellows Participant


Work Spaces

"Krista thinks strategically, understands and applies systems thinking, and is able to build a culture that fosters 'good to great' thinking and actions.  She has deeply internalized the attributes of a high capacity leader through her ability to apply such leadership attributes as 'leader as critical thinker', 'leader as critical friend', 'leader as coach', 'leader as community builder' and 'leader as active listener'. 

-Richard Streedain

Learning Spaces

"Krista’s work had a major impact on student learning and staff professional growth during her time in our district. Krista gets my highest recommendation for any coaching & consulting position she takes on.  Schools will greatly enjoy her wealth of knowledge, her ability to custom fit the training to the needs of the staff and school, her energy, and her professionalism."

-Carol Kearns

Learning Spaces

"This year was a deeply transformative

experience...more meaningful than I expected"   


"The facilitators were genuine, accesible, well-organized"


"The equity workshops provided invaluable experiences that I can use in my class"

-2018/2019 Teach For Equity Participants (Anonymous)



Work Spaces

"Krista demonstrates numerous professional gifts. Sensing others’ emotions and their perspectives, she takes an active interest in their concerns. "

-Kristi Woika


"Krista has a gift for helping others develop a deep sense of personal and collective wellness and growth using mindful awareness of self and others."

-Arin N. Reeves



The Snowdrop flower...beautiful in its simplicity, but also in its ability to thrive.  It blooms in winter, amid snow and cold temperatures, making it unique among flowers.


The Snowdrop flower is H.O.P.E. Education Group's logo because it symbolizes the ability to persevere towards equity, excellence and wellnes for all.  It is a perfect physical representation of the core principles that H.O.P.E. Education Group embodies. 


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