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The Snowdrop flower...beautiful in its simplicity, but also in its ability to thrive.  It blooms in winter, amid snow and cold temperatures, making it unique among flowers.


At HOPE Education Group, we have chosen the Snowdrop as our logo because it symbolizes the ability to persevere towards equity, excellence and HOPE for greater things to come.  It is a perfect physical representation of the core principles that HOPE Education Group embodies our core principles.   This is who we are.


Dr. Krista Robinson-Lyles, Founder and President



With 27 years of experience in the field of education, Dr. Robinson-Lyles brings a diverse repertoire of skills to HOPE Education Group.  Her accomplished career includes work in urban, suburban, public and private schools, as well as the university space.  With varied roles that have included

classroom teacher, administrator, university instructor, grant manager and  literacy coach, Krista is seasoned in supporting the growth and development of preservice, novice and veteran educators. One of her professional passions is advancing deep literacy learning that supports students in reading both the word and the world. She has spent 20 years serving as literacy coach in classrooms in  Chicago, Indiana, and Oregon.


Dr. Robinson-Lyles's work is also deeply steeped in teaching and leading for equity.  She is committed to creating positive, sustainable cultures for learning where equity is part of the lived experience of the entire schooling community.  To that end, she serves as a consultant and facilitator in support of private and public school teachers, administrators and university faculty who want to engage in necessary conversations around how to create school communities where equity is embedded in the pedagogy and the practice.  


An effective communicator and collaborator, Dr. Robinson-Lyles possesses a strong knowledge base, as well as planning, organizational, and facilitation skills that support the dynamic work of HOPE. Her scholarly interests include culturally relevant pedagogy, women's studies, equity pedagogy, and critical democratic education.  She is the coauthor, with her daughter, of The Beautiful Book and contributing author to Paradigms of Research for the 21st Century: Perspectives and Examples from Practice.


Some of HOPE's clients have included: Duke University, Horizon Science Academy Belmont, Horizon Science Academy McKinley Park, Baker Demonstration School, Lincolnwood Elementary School, Nehalem Elementary, Garibaldi Elementary



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