The HOPE Education Group Impact

"This year was a deeply transformative experience"


"This year was deeper and more meaningful than I expected"   


"The facilitators were genuine, accesible, well-organized"


"The equity workshops provided invaluable experiences that I can use in my class"


"Krista demonstrates numerous professional gifts. Sensing others’ emotions and their perspectives, she takes an active interest in their concerns. She possesses a rich understanding of organizational dynamics, and is able to read the currents, decision-making networks, and politics. Colleagues, have the highest regard and respect for Krista as a collaborator and team player."


"Krista's work made a big impact on how I plan and teach my classes"


"Krista’s work had a major impact on student learning and staff professional growth during her time in our district. Krista gets my highest recommendation for any coaching/consulting position she takes on.  Schools will greatly enjoy her wealth of knowledge, her ability to custom fit the training to the needs of the staff and school, her energy, and her professionalism."



"Krista thinks strategically, understands and applies systems thinking, and is abe to build a culture that fosters 'good to great' thinking and actions. In addition, Krista has deeply internalized the attributes of a high capacity leader through her ability to apply such leadership attributes as 'leader as critical thinker', 'leader as critical friend', 'leader as coach', 'leader as community builder' and 'leader as active listener'. She possesses all the requisite skills, knowledge and dispositions of a transformative school and/or university leader."



"Krista is someone who is gentle, yet firm, and extremely positive and professional. Teachers trust her and were comfortable with her in their rooms modeling lessons, watching them teach and giving critical feedback, and pushing them to try new things. She helped our district drive literacy as a k-5 focus, by training on the components of balanced literacy, and helping guide our k-12 literacy committee in starting their work."



"In the classroom and school Krista fosters high-levels of intellectual grappling with powerful ideas.  She helps others rethink, redefine and reconceptualize their understanding of child and adolescent development, instruction, and assessment. "



"The year I worked with Krista at Nehalem Elementary I was a brand new elementary principal; she helped coach me on what I needed to know about reading, writing and classroom instruction to better supervise and support teachers." 




“Krista is a person who can step in and take the lead, at the same time building on what you already know. That is a gift”



“Krista was quickly able to assess teachers’ implementation of balanced literacy, and hold clear conversations with them about what they could do to improve their skills, while still acknowledging their strengths.”



“Teachers liked Krista’s clear and practical approach.  She understood the details and support that teachers needed to implement new strategies.”



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